Warren Friss Has the Experience to Make Clients Happy

Warren FrissIt is most certainly Warren Friss’ varied experience that gives him the knowledge and the skill to be able to counsel and provide guidance to client businesses, executives and even individuals in a way that leads to the best possible outcome in every legal matter. He also has a knack for helping businesses get better in the most efficient manner possible and at the lowest cost. Even when Warren Friss served as legal counsel with The Topps Company, and he was surrounded by high-powered talent, he was still a standout.

One reasonWarren Friss seems to stand out from the crowd is because, throughout his quarter-century career, he has always strived to provide his clients with legal services served up with a unique business-minded approach. The bottom line is, Warren Friss is capable of using the skills he has developed over his career to get the best results for every single client. Besides his stellar legal work, Warren has also been a prolific speaker for years, giving lectures about the law to many media groups, such as the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur, among many others.

A Top-Line Sports and Business Lawyer: Warren Friss

He has a distinguished legal career that is approaching its fourth decade, so it is clear that Warren Friss has proven himself to be one of the best. As corporate attorneys go, he is considered to be in the upper echelons. That is a key reason he has become a partner with one of the most important corporate law firms in New York, Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP (Ingram). He is currently the managing partner for Ingram’s corporate practice, here Warren represents companies and other organizations, large and small in the public and private sectors. As head of Ingram’s corporate practice, he manages a talented group of attorneys, all of whom do everything they can for all corporate clients.

Before landing in a private practice with Ingram, Warren Friss has accumulated a lot of experience in a career that now runs more than 25 years. For a long time, he served as the general counsel to a humongous publicly traded company for a quite some time. He even became an executive with the same company. It is that wide and varied experience that gives Warren the ability to guide client businesses and their executives in a way that gets the best possible outcome in every legal matter, and to so so in the most cost-effective manner possible. By providing his clients with legal services that feature a unique business-minded approach.

Clients think highly of Warren Friss is due to his high level of talent and experience in virtually every area of corporate law. From the negotiation of contracts to assisting with regulatory compliance and assisting with many types of complex financial transactions like mergers and acquisitions, private placements, joint ventures and strategic alliances, Warren Friss stands out. This is especially true when he works within his specialty, which is sports law. He is known for his ability to work with sports leagues, players’ associations and consumer product companies when it comes to licensing, sponsorships and promotions, personality rights and intellectual property matters.Warren Friss is able to use the skills he has developed over his long legal practice to get the best results for all of them.

Attorney Warren Friss, Former Topps Legal Counsel

Warren FrissWarren Friss has a particular specialty that makes him an attorney with a difference. One reason he has clients all over the United States, as well as the rest of the world is due to his amazing ability to work with sports leagues, players’ associations and many other consumer product companies with regard to securing the best licensing, sponsorships and promotion deals, as well as his ability to assist with personality rights issues and intellectual property matters.

One primary reason Warren Friss is so sought-after for his expertise in such a specialized area may be due to the considerable amount of time he served as a general counsel for The Topps Company, which just happens to be one of the most prominent sports cards and memorabilia companies anywhere in the world. While he was there, he served that company by overseeing just about every aspect of that company’s legal and compliance functions. That experience has certainly served him well in his work.

The counsel that Warren Friss provides to his clients covers every aspect of business in every stage of the business life-cycle. That can include everything from from start-ups to established public companies with decades of success behind them. In fact, the companies and other organizationshe represents range in size from small private companies to gigantic public companies and everything in between. He has been involved in numerous cases involving ownership restructuring and transitions. Warren Friss has dealt with the negotiation of contracts, business formation and regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, joint ventures and strategic alliances, among many other matters. He is also highly experienced and skilled with such issues as debt financing and employment law.